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"The Gnarly Events of Barney Basco"


An American fiction story series that follows Asian American Barney Basco who must contend with middle school in New York during the 1980's.  While his family goes after the American Dream and understand the new culture around them,  Barney is just trying to survive the 7th grade.   

Season 1 Ep 1 Launching 3/18/2022!

Technology/Mobile App 



LASTLi is a social network that lets you make only one permanent short form posting for every 24-hour period. 

Suddenly, postings have more depth. A rant and static-free environment to get essential content from family, friends, and influencers, and then leave. 

A social network app where arguments, rants, and time-wasting pettiness are replaced by in-depth content.

Completion Date Forecasted for Fall of 2022